Clear Channel axes KLSD in San Diego


Are you aware that Clear Channel owns 8 or 9 radio stations in San Diego … they are dumping their progressive talk station this coming Friday…just in time for the 2008 election year … they are replacing it with another sports station, even tho we already have 3 other sports radio outlets.

Ed Schultz will be raising hell about this next week on his show … and calling for investors who are interested in forming a trust fund earmarked to get progressive talk radio back on the air in markets where it’s been sabotaged by Clear Channel ownership.

We’re pooling serious investors to buy or lease another station here.


also wikipedia has a thorough list of cities where conservative owners of progressive talk radio have dumped the programming … scroll down at

Weigh in and make some noise !


Joe V

San Diego

0 thoughts on “Clear Channel axes KLSD in San Diego”

  1. They barely showed up as a blip on the ratings. Here is what one insider said:

    As much as KLSD is needed, the present owner in Texas is pulling the plug as their return on investment has not been good .. and as a business they need to make $$$ to pay the talent, upkeep, and the like of a radio station in 2007. Those with conspiracy theories about the owner, while I feel your pain, to really save the station, buy a fracken boatload of radio ads.

  2. The KLSD execs said this was a “revenue issue, not a ratings issue.” As far as we know, for a station with a poor signal and pattern, they were doing as well as could be expected.

    Does anyone think that adding another sports station will garner greater audience #s than progressive talk. In every other city where this has been tried, the sports stations are doing worse than the progressives talkers they displaced.

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