Blackwater: America's White Army?


LOOKING at another bunch of photos of Blackwater mercenaries at play
with our nation’s safety and reputation, we noticed a total absence of
black troops. In fact, we couldn’t remember a photo of a black
Blackwaterista. We imagine they do exist, but it raises the question:
how black is Blackwater beyond its name?

Since Blackwater and similar firms survive off of government contracts,
it’s a question worth investigating. Certainly the image the outfit
projects is not one of great diversity. Further, if their employees are
inordinately white and are being paid much higher salaries by the
government than the heavily black government troops, shouldn’t a public
interest lawyer or two find that interesting?

Which brings up another question. What does a private army the size of
Blackwater do when it doesn’t like the way its own country is going? How

afraid should we be?

0 thoughts on “Blackwater: America's White Army?”

  1. The higher paid mercenaries: white.

    The lower paid military: multiracial

    It’s a microcosm of our society.

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