Youth wants to know. Youth gets tasered.

And the senator just stood there.


When John Kerry spoke today at the University of Florida Gainesville, student Andrew Meyer asked three questions during the Q&A:

1) Given that you won the 2004 election per Greg Palast’s book, Armed Madhouse, why did you concede so on the day of the election itself when there were many reports on the day of the election of disenfranchisement of black voters and corrupted vote count? Kerry while the question was in progress said he didn’t need to read the book b/c he already had read it.

Meyer said he had two more questions and asked them.

2) If you are really so opposed to the Invasion of Iraq(Iran?), why don’t you urge impeachment of Bush now before he can invade Iran? Clinton was impeached for a blow job, invading Iraq/Iran is much for serious than that.

3) Were you a member of the secret society Skull & Bones in college?

Police swarmed Meyer to pull him from the microphone and remove him from the room. When he, like Rev. Lennox Yearwood at the D.C. Capital, whose leg was broken by D.C. b/c he asked why he was singled out to be refused admission to hear Petraeus testify, Meyer was thrown to the ground, swarmed, and tasered, screaming in pain. The fact that he didn’t do anything wrong did not matter.

I was curious why Kerry conceded the 2004 election so very quickly, but I won’t ask him why and I am sure that he is not (really) going to tell. Watch the video. Kerry should be telling the cops in no uncertain terms to leave Meyer alone, but that limp imitation of a liberal can only bring himself to say to the police, “I’ll answer his question,” not “Get your hands off that man!”

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