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Craven Fools

Robert L. Borosage
Posted September 21, 2007 | 10:29 AM (EST)

Craven fools. The 22 Democrats and supposed Republican moderates who paid homage to the right-wing slander machine by voting to disavow yesterday once more demonstrated why they’re considered sunshine patriots who can’t be trusted when things get tough.

This isn’t anything new. Republicans, stuck with defending an unpopular president intent on continuing the worst foreign policy debacle in U.S. history, look for ways to distract. published an ad with an unfortunate title — “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?” — but correctly indicting Gen. David Petraeus, the ambitious political general wired to the White House spinners, of cooking the books on Iraq. The Republicans revved up their attack machine, enlisting everyone from Rush Limbaugh to the shameless president, who disgracefully charged that the “Democrat Party” is more afraid of “irritating a left-wing group like”
… than “the United States military.”

We’ve seen this before. This is a patented right-wing ploy. They grab on to a random event, inflate it into a national scandal, intimidate the media, and chuckle as Democrats fall for it. The Republican attack squad in 2004 turned a butchered joke by Sen. John Kerry into a measure of Democratic hatred of the military, and the entire Democratic establishment turned on Kerry. They’ve libeled Moveon for years because one of thousands of participants in a 30-second ad campaign contest submitted an entry comparing Bush to Hitler. Now, they get 22 Democrats in the Senate and the supposedly independent Republican moderates to line up and waste
time passing a resolution condemning Moveon for its newspaper ad. They do this only to prove one thing – that Democrats are too spineless to stand up even for their allies. That they will cut and run at the first sign of fire.

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