Whitewash in Ohio

From Andi Novick:
This article from today’s NY Times made me nervous for two reasons:

1) Doesn’t it look like this is a set up? Another 1.8 million dollar study for what purpose??: The study was set up to avoid the controversy surrounding a similar analysis in California……Industry leaders said the California tests did not take into account the effectiveness of security measures like surveillance cameras and log-in sheets that limit access to machines and could prevent some hacking.

“There are some promising signs, but the jury is still very much out in Ohio, where they are involving in the review elections officials, folks with extensive election experience,” said Chris Riggall, a spokesman for Premier Election Solutions, of Allen, Tex.

and 2) the Times and everyone else is just going to stop calling them Diebold as if they’re not the same people– what about that isn’t exactly like 1984



September 27, 2007
Ohio to Test Vote Systems Before March
CINCINNATI, Sept. 26 – Ohio is trying to identify and correct serious problems with the security and reliability of voting machines in time for the presidential primary in March.
As part of the effort, all five systems used in the state, as well as next-generation systems being considered, will be tested, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said Wednesday.

Ms. Brunner said she ordered the study to help restore the confidence of voters, a majority of whom voiced doubts about the reliability of the voting machines in a survey last year.

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