VoteRescue Radio debuts Sunday!

From Vickie Karp:

Karen Renick and I are very excited to announce “VoteRescue Radio–Where People Count…One Vote at a Time”, a new weekly two-hour radio show beginning this Sunday, September 30th, from 2-4 pm (Central), streaming live on We the People Radio Network (100.1 FM in the Austin area and on the internet).
Our Austin-based election reform group, as many of you know, is dedicated to returning to totally hand-counted paper ballot elections. We plan to have a lot of fun getting out the massive amounts of news that happens every day on the election reform issue, but is never properly covered by mainstream media. We also look forward to having on as guests many of you national election reform activists to discuss the great work being you are doing to advance the cause.
On our first show we plan covering:
* A broad overview of the electronic voting machine fraud problem for those new to the issue
* A little bit about our backgrounds & how we became activists on the issue, met and began working together
* News on the We the People 10-state lawsuit
* HR 811 update
* Highlighting recent critical news such as Bowen’s e-voting vendor decertifications in California & updates
* Discussion of the role that ballots pre-stamped for chad problems had on the 2000 election – Dan Rather’s discovery, and that of a regular citizen who made that research a personal mission for years
* How other citizens across the country have been making a difference and bringing the issue to “critical mass”
The show is a “call-in” and the number for that is: 1-888-202-1984, or in the Austin area, 512-646-1984.
Hope to see/hear you “on the air”!
Vickie and Karen

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