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Upcoming Events and Travel — Toronto, Raleigh,
Los Angeles, Boston and Western Massachusetts

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Upcoming Events General Event Availability Ontario, Canada September 17-21 Los Angeles – October 5

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Amer. Assoc.for the Advancement of Science & West Coast Tour

Media Reform Conference in Memphis TN

More about Election Integrity

Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? Exit Polls, Election Fraud, and the Official Count by Steven F. Freeman and Joel Bleifuss (Seven Stories Press)


Comments about the book

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Frequently Asked Questions about the book

FAQs about the Veracity of the 2004 US Presidential Election

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Exit Polls

General Event Availability and Upcoming Travel

If you would like me to come to speak in your city or to your organization, I’ll do whatever I can to help make it happen.

In addition to the weeks in Toronto and Los Ange

les, I have extensive upcoming professional and personal travel. If you can arrange an event to coincide or piggyback on one of these trips, all the better.

September 17-21: Toronto, Ontario (Canada) driving from NY

September 29- October 2: Raleigh, North Carolina

October 4-8: Los Angeles

October 28- 29: Boston, Massachusetts

November 1-4: Lenox, Mass

Dear Mark,

Next week (Sept 18-21), I have four speaking engagements in Ontario, Canada. On October 5, I will be speaking on election fraud in an opening session of the National Latino Congreso in Los Angeles.

Please forward this note to anyone you know in these areas. And if you live in or near Ontario or Los Angeles, please attend and consider helping out with logistics, publicity, or related media.

We hope to arrange another event in Los Angeles. I also have professional travel to Massachusetts and Triangle Park, North Carolina (see note below at left). Perhaps we can arrange events there as well?

Reading and writing simply cannot subsitute for live events. Collective knowledge and collective action emerge from relationships, and relationships are usually forged face-to-face. Evidence, analysis, and arguments can only get one so far. Democracy – and life – ultimately depends on good relationships.

Warm regards, Steve

Ontario Speaking Tour September 17-21

I will be speaking about my book, the state of democracy in the US, and related topics at several events in Ontario over the week of September 17th. The trip has been arranged and coordinated by Michael Keefer, who is a Professor of English at the University of Guelph, the author of many books and articles, and a Contributing Editor to Global Research. Here’s how the speaking schedule looks thus far:

Tuesday 9/18: Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo. 4:00 pm. Arts Wing Room 1E1. Sponsored by the Depts of Communication Studies and Political Science and the Office of the Dean of Arts. (contact Professor Michael Truscello)

Wednesday 9/19: University of Guelph. 5:30 pm. Mackinnon Building Room 120, Co-sponsored by the Dept of Political Science and the Central Student Association. (contact Professor
Michael Keefer)

Thursday 9/20: York University, Toronto 2:30 pm. Ross Building, Verney Room (S674). Sponsored by the Dept of Political Science. (contact Professor
David McNally)

Friday 9/21:
Brunswick Theatre, Toronto. 8:00 pm talk will be preceeded by a free screening of Tom O’Brien’s outstanding film, “Commander N’ Thief.” (contact: Scott Gilbert or Breanne Walt )

We’re also still trying to arrange something at the U of Toronto or Ryerson University in Toronto.

If you can help in event logistics or with contacting media, we would greatly appreciate it. Please contact Michael Keefer, Michael Truscello, or me.

Los Angeles, CA – October 5 National Latino Congreso

I will be speaking on Election fraud in an opening session of the National Latino Congreso at the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown 2:00- 4:00

Judy Alter of Protect California Ballots is helping coordinate my stay, and trying to arrange another event in the area. If you can help in any way, please contact Judy, or me.

Support Election Integrity with a tax-deductible contribution

States and cities I plan to visit if an event could be arranged: Western New York State New Hampshire, Maryland, Florida (especially Sarasota)

Upcoming Foreign trips (no date yet set): Istanbul, Turkey; Lausanne, Switzerland; San Jose, Costa Rica; Buenos Aires, Argentina

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