Repubs WILL try to steal the next one, too

From Jonathan Simon, a wise corrective to that exuberant post of
yesterday, about the failure of Giuliani’s drive to split CA’s electoral votes:
In a message dated 9/29/2007 10:39:47 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

they are officially “pulling the plug” on their attempt to steal the presidential election.

Should read “they are officially ‘pulling the plug’ on this particular attempt to steal the presidential election.” And let’s not overlook the nonpresidential elections. What they’ve really given up is one particular tactic that would have made the rather huge gap they’re going to have to cover a bit smaller and more manageable. We are very likely going to see a well-targeted (when we analyze the red-shift pattern) shift of votes. What our benchmark is for quantifying the shift will depend on whether unadjusted ‘official’ exit polls are made available, whether independent exit polling can be set up, and how much pre-election polling is biased by demographic weighting based on prior rigged elections. It should be interesting.–Jonathan (Election Defense Alliance)

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