REMINDER: MCM & Damon Linker tonight in NYC!


First Tuesdays Series:

Damon Linker,
Author of The Theocons:
Secular America Under Siege

McNally-Robinson Bookstore
52 Prince St., NY, NY
(just east of Lafayette St.)


This event is scheduled for Tuesday, Sep 4th – 7:00 PM

This monthly series hosted by author and activist Mark Crispin Miller features authors whose books tackle political and public issues from a stance outside the mainstream. Scholar and author Damon Linker traces the rise of conservatism among both Protestant and Catholic Christians in his new book The Theocons, arguing that some, like Richard John Neuhaus and his journal First Things (where Linker formerly served as editor) have a growing and dangerous influence on the Republican Party and ultimately on the separation of church and state. Join us for a conversation about the state of American religion and politics and how they got that way.

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