Police state in Kentucky

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Kentucky at War


[from the October 1, 2007 issue]

Carol Trainer could hardly process what was happening.
To her, a 60-year-old grandmother and Vietnam veteran,
of all people. On Memorial Day, of all times. Arrested
for protesting the war at, of all places, Abbey Road on
the River, an annual five-day Beatles tribute that had
adopted a fortieth-anniversary Summer of Love theme for

Forty years ago, when the Louisville native married Air
Force officer Harold Trainer, Carol wouldn’t have gone
near anything associated with the Summer of Love. “I
wasn’t an activist; just the opposite, in fact.” But
since 2002, when the Trainers–he retired from twenty-
three years in the Force, she from eleven years as a
Northwest Airlines flight attendant–found that they
couldn’t keep quiet about the catastrophe that was
poised to unfold in Iraq, they’ve been unlikely
stalwarts in one of the country’s feistiest grassroots
antiwar movements.

At Abbey Road, Carol had joined cohorts from the
Louisville Peace Action Community (LPAC), passing out
end-the-war pamphlets to incoming patrons–many of them
young folks duded up for the occasion in flowers, beads
and peace signs. Early that afternoon, she’d decided to
join the fun inside, have a couple of beers and dance
along to the music she’d missed in the ’60s. After
spotting a couple of youngsters holding up peace-symbol
signs, she figured it would be OK to walk around with
her bright blue End the War! sign. The festival’s
producer gave her explicit permission to do so. After
all, it was perfectly in tune with the spirit of a
festival whose grand finale would be a musical
production called “Hell No, We Won’t Go.”

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