Peter Coyote on FOOLED AGAIN

I’m honored to have had Fooled Again recommended recently by Peter Coyote, who sent the following out to his list-serve. (I’m also pleased that he too circulated Mark Adams’s great piece, which I sent you a few days ago).


Here’s another piece on electoral shenanigans and some very good reasons to fight the Holt Bill, a weak and dangerous electoral reform bill currently wending its way through Congress. If you haven’t read Mark Crispin Miller’s book Fooled Again, you should, because it explains in chapter-and-footnoted-verse exactly how the 2004 election was stolen, and how succesful Republican intimidation of Democrats and the press has been in making critics of the election seem like “sore losers” or conspiracy theorists. This is a grave and serious problem. We are up against opponents who lie reflexively, slander, spread misinformation, intimidate, and cheat routinely and we are teetering on the precipice of literally losing our Democracy. Knowing what to do is extremely difficult because there are virtually no rules any longer—even the courts have been stacked to back the culprits. This is a much graver threat to Democracy than terrorism which may kill thousands of people. This could kill the entire American system and it is passing under the radar and without comment by any candidate or the major media. I doubt that any candidate has even read the Conyers Report (compiled with subpoena power and under oath). If they had, they would realize that they are campaigning on the deck of the Titanic, while the privatization and corruption of the vote looms ahead like a gigantic and obdurate iceberg. Read this short attorney’s piece to get a brief idea of what’s going on and then read Mark Crispin Miller’s book.

peter coyote

Read Adams’ piece.

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