PDA says NO to HR 811

HR 811 vote this week–Tell Congress NO!
Please Call Congress and urge your Representative to Vote NO on HR 811
Capitol Hill Switchboard: 202-224-3121
HR 811 will be voted in the House this week!
HR 811 uses the term “paper ballot” to refer to a voter-verified paper trail. This is intended to confuse you and gain your support.
HR 811 does not ban DREs — BUT it should!
HR 811 does not require a “voter-marked paper ballot”-BUT it should:
  • Paper trails are no substitute for ballots that voters can mark directly!
  • Paper trails are not counted on election night!

HR 811 requires only 3-10% recounts of the paper trail. That leaves at least 90% of tallies uncounted. We’ll have to “trust” that the computers worked right and all invisible counting was accurate and honest!
Please Act Now, the vote could happen tomorrow.
For more information:
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