Pasadena church harassed by IRS

Talk about your double standard! How many pro-Bush churches have preached pre-election politics without so much as a tut-tut from BushCo’s government? (Indeed, that government has often subsidized such churches, through the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives.)
From the Los Angeles Times
Pasadena church wants apology from IRS
All Saints’ rector also demands that the agency clarify its findings after closing its probe into an antiwar sermon in 2004.
By Rebecca Trounson
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

September 24, 2007

The Internal Revenue Service has told a prominent Pasadena church that it has ended its lengthy investigation into a 2004 antiwar sermon, church leaders said Sunday.

But the agency wrote in its letter to All Saints Episcopal Church that officials still considered the sermon to have been illegal, prompting the church to seek clarification, a corrected record and an apology from the IRS, the church’s rector told standing-room-only crowds of parishioners at Sunday’s services.

The church also has asked the Treasury Department, which oversees the IRS, to investigate allegations that officials from the Justice Department had become involved in the matter, raising concerns that the investigation was politically motivated.

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