Over 1 million dead civilians in Iraq?

From the Los Angeles Times

Civilian toll in Iraq may top 1M
A British survey offers the highest estimate to date.
At least 4 die in a Sadr City car bombing.

By Tina Susman
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

September 14, 2007

BAGHDAD – — A car bomb blew up in the capital’s Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Sadr City on Thursday, killing at least four people, as a new survey suggested that the civilian death toll from the war could be more than 1 million.

The figure from ORB, a British polling agency that has conducted several surveys in Iraq, followed statements this week from the U.S. military defending itself against accusations it was trying to play down Iraqi deaths to make its strategy appear successful.

The military has said civilian deaths from sectarian violence have fallen more than
55% since President Bush sent an additional 28,500 troops to Iraq this year, but it does not provide specific numbers.

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