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What is the Role of Media in Our Elections? What Are Our Alternatives? Also, What’s the Money Party? And Who’s a Member? Journalist, Michael Collins, TONIGHT on Voice of the Voters

Wednesday, September 26

8pm ET 1360 AM and on the Internet

Citizens in a democracy rely on no institution more than a free press. Tonight on Voice of the Voters, journalist Michael Collins will discuss what makes media free and effective guardians of a democracy.

What changes have American media undergone? How is the traditional media able to help and hurt our elections? And what can citizens to do get all the information they need about stories that affect us all?

Mr. Collins was one of the first reporters to tie election fraud to the US Attorneys firing scandal. He’ll talk about that story and election fraud specifically tonight.

Also: Do we already have a third party that’s more powerful than the two we know about? What is “the Money Party”? Who are its members and where do their priorities lie?

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Michael Collins’ Selected Bio:

Michael Collins is a writer who focuses on U.S. elections and the violation of our rights by government. His article Fired Federal Prosecutors and Election Fraud 12 Mar 2007 was one of the early markings of the fake ?voter fraud? scam and the political use of U.S. Attorneys. He ended the series on the U.S. Attorney scandal with some predictions of where an impeachment action might focus, if Congress ever gets around to it, Impeachment: Where we are headed July 31, 2007. The interview will focus on how our rights are removed, the motives behind this, and how we have to become our own information sources to protect our rights and assume our role as citizens in charge of their own fate. His most recent article is titled Things Congress Instead of Getting Us Out of Iraq

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