Meltdown in Memphis

Several lively, and notable stories today so far from The BRAD BLOG… — Brad

MELTDOWN ’07: Diebold Touch-Screens Flipping
in Memphis Mayoral Election

Tight Three-Way Race Falling Victim to Crappy Voting Technology – Who Could Have Predicted It?
RELATED: Federal Bill That Wouldn’t Have Corrected the Problem – Rush Holt’s HR 811 – Back ‘In the Freezer’ in the House, According to Roll Call…
We were in Nashville a couple of months ago, at a meeting of the Davidson County Board of Elections. We tried to warn them that they would run into trouble with their ES&S touch-screen voting machines, probably sooner, rather than later. But the kool-aid drunk Republicans on the board would have none of it. “Paper ballots are the biggest scam ever perpetrated on America,” one of them told us. To our astonishment, he actually seemed to believe himself.
That GOP blend must be some very tasty Kool-aid.
Meanwhile, the nice Democrats who were in the majority on the board, sat there and said and did nothing. They were very very nice. And completely clueless…

Riverside County, CA Board of Supes
to Sequoia Voting Systems: ‘Drop Dead’

Board Members Threaten ‘Not Another Dime’ For Company Who Has Failed Them to the Tune of $27 Million So Far
The Time is Now for Accountability…

The Pacification of America…
And thus, Stephen Colbert hits on precisely the most alarming issue at the heart of the Tasering incident: The students (and Kerry) stood by. Did nothing. America pacified…

VIDEO: John McCain vs. The Video Tape
Good lord. Looks like the “Straight Talk Express” has driven straight over the cliff. But nobody has managed to tell McCain yet. Not even McCain…

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