MCM on "Ring of Fire" this weekend!

… and not, BTW, talking just about “those voter machines,” but about the
larger drive against electoral democracy.

This week On Ring of Fire, hosted by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio & John Morgan:
Howard Dean’s brother, Jim Dean, Chairman of Democracy for America, shows us how to convince Congress to get healthcare back on the front burner.

Kevin Richert, Editorial Editor for the Idaho Statesman, with the inside scoop on Senator Larry Craig’s sex scandal.

Scott Horton from Harper‘s magazine will drop by to discuss how US lawyers are being harassed and persecuted by this administration.

We’re keeping our eye on those voter machines with Mark Crispin Miller. Miller is media studies professor at NYU and has been following the Diebold machine story for us.

Air America’s own Thom Hartmann, on his participation in “The 11th Hour,” Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary on the environmental crisis.

And we’ll have part II of Bobby’s conversation with author and prosecutor, Elizabeth de la Vega, on her latest book, US V. Bush et al, a discussion on the case for impeachment.
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And hear selected segments of the show during the week on Air America’s CLOUT, hosted by Richard Greene.

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