Mark Adams speaks re: HR 811!

Dear Reform Activists:

If you are interested in election reform, media reform, or judicial
reform, you might want to check out Dr. Jim Fetzer’s radio show on
the Genesis Communications Network on Wednesday, September 26, 2007.
I will be a guest, and we will be discussing the need for election
reform, the Holt bill, and the failures of the courts and Congress to
allow a full and complete investigation of the contested 2006
elections. His show runs from 5:00 to 7:00 PM Eastern on Tuesdays
through Thursdays. The link to the web site is and you can listen live at

I represented Clint Curtis, John Russell, and Frank Gonzalez in
contesting their alleged losses in 2006 in Florida State court and in
the U.S. House of Representatives. Our contest was instrumental in
exerting the pressure to pass a paper ballots law in Florida which at
least gives us something to count if someone can find an attorney who
will file a lawsuit or a contest. However, these contests were
dismissed WITHOUT any review of the evidence and contrary to the law
as well as the rights of the candidates and voters to have the votes

If you are wondering why you didn’t hear about this, it could be due
to the media cartel’s refusal to cover election fraud and judicial
corruption. If you want judicial reform, you need to realize that
without assurance that the votes are counted, you will not be able to
elect leaders who will respond to your demand that judges should
follow the law or be removed from power. Finally, if you want media
reform, you need fair elections to elect leaders who will help break
up the media cartel, but you can also help by turning to independent
media sources like and Genesis Communications Network
and spreading the truth about what is really going on.

Do you want to restore and preserve our democracy, or do you want to
entrust it to those who would continue to use secret vote counting
machines which are unreliable, expensive, and unnecessary? If you
are for the Holt bill, think about your position and how easy it
would be to restore and preserve our democracy with a bill mandating
paper ballots and public vote counts. If you are for fair elections,
spread the word like Paul Revere before Holt passes and the powers
that be claim that they have “fixed” our elections. (Imagine Bush,
Cheney, et al., smiling like the Grinch and laughing sinisterly every
time they hear this repeated.)

For more information, please see my commentary on Op Ed News about
How to Take Action on Holt and Fix Our Elections
and see how easy it is to let your Congressional representatives know that you want to restore fair and verifiable elections.


Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

P.S. Please pass this along to your contacts.

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Perhaps representing loons like Clint Curtis is why you were disbarred…only someoneo as nuts as him would believe his 16 point loss was “stolen”

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