Honor Sam Provance in DC this Thursday evening

From Ray McGoven:

For Colleagues of Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence AND other friends interested in Iraq, Iran, intelligence, and truth:

It has been exactly three years since (with the help of Prof. Peter Kuznick of American University, Dan Ellsberg, and supportive friends) we held that wonderful gathering of truth-tellers (and hundreds of their closest friends, as well as students) in that cavernous auditorium at American University. It’s a morale boost just to recall all those folks sitting/standing in the aisles-Dan Ellsberg, Coleen Rowley (then still with the FBI), Katharine Gunn (from UK intelligence), Col. Frank Grevil (from Danish intelligence), Ann Wright and John H. Brown (two of the three Foreign Service Officers who quit because of the invasion of Iraq), David MacMichael et. al.

It was a memorable evening. But there was a hidden blessing.

Not many there were aware that then-Sgt. Sam Provance, from Army Intelligence, was also there, lurking in the back. No, not to monitor the proceedings but to check out my assurances to him that there were indeed a whole bunch of people left who were interested in, and willing to stick their necks out for, the truth.

Sam was at Abu Ghraib during the worst of the worst; did his best to bring it all to attn of his superiors; was immediately sent back to Germany, deprived of his clearances, threatened with court martial, and ordered to do guard duty and stack blankets, before they tried, unsuccessfully, to send him back to Iraq.

Sam did a very gutsy thing; he went public.

It was one of those nice coincidences; Sam had just flown in from Germany the afternoon of that event at AU three years ago. The Army reluctantly let him come to Washington to confer the next day with congressional staff looking into Abu Ghraib. (Those who were there may remember my cryptic reference to, and appeal for a round of applause for, those patriotic truth tellers who could not be named openly, one of whom was very close by.)

You haven’t heard of Sam? Surprise, surprise. Chalk it up to our corporate-owned media. If you have interest in learning more, here are URLs for pieces by Sam, which I believe are well worth your time, including his Feb. 14, 06 sworn testimony to the Shays subcommittee.
Army Adds Farce to Shame of Abu Ghraib
by Sam Provance, Aug. 28, 07
The American Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
by Sam Provance, Mar 27, 07
Testimony of Sam Provance
Feb 14, 2006

Well, we’re at it again. But this time we can and will give Sam Provance the attention he deserves. The nominating committee of Sam Adams Professionals for Integrity in Intelligence has chosen Sam to receive this year’s award for Integrity in Intelligence. Previous recipients include: Coleen Rowley (FBI), Katharine Gun (British Intelligence), Sibel Edmonds (FBI), Ambassador Craig Murray (British Foreign Office).

That brief award ceremony will cap an evening in the tradition of the teach-ins that did so much to educate and sensitize Americans to what was going on in Vietnam some 40 years ago.

AND THE EVENT IS THURSDAY EVENING. (Sorry for late notice.)

I’ll attach the flyer, and encourage you to share it (and this email msg) with your friends and colleagues…and particularly with those not already part of the “choir.”

PLEASE COME. Details on the flyer. Parking available: the Katzen Center is on Massachusetts Ave., NW, just north of Ward Circle. Turn east into parking area for Katzen Center. Feel free to email me for further info.

It occurs to me that some of you might wish to look at the line-up of participants before you download the flyer. I’ll paste that in below:

Akbar Ahmed: Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University. Former Pakistani High Commissioner to Great Britain. The BBC described him as “the world’s leading authority on contemporary Islam.”

Daniel Ellsberg: Former Defense and State Department official who faced 115 years in prison for releasing the Pentagon Papers to the press in 1971. Author of Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers.

Max Friedman: Professor of History, American University. Expert in U.S. twentieth century foreign relations.

Larry Johnson: Former CIA analyst and operations officer and deputy director of the State Department Office of Counterterrorism. Consultant with U.S. military on terrorism-related matters.

Peter Kuznick: Professor of History and Director, Nuclear Studies Institute, American University.

Ray McGovern: Former CIA analyst who prepared the President’s Daily Brief for Nixon and Reagan and gave morning briefings to Vice President Bush. Chaired National Intelligence Estimates. Co-founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

Bob Parry: Investigative journalist who broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for AP and Newsweek in the 1980s. Now manages and writes for

Sam Provance: U.S. Army intelligence analyst at Abu Ghraib. After attempting to alert those in charge, he blew the whistle on the cover-up. Though ostracized by the Army, he was honorably discharged last year.

Coleen Rowley: Special agent and staff attorney for the Minneapolis FBI when Zacarias Moussaoui came under suspicion there. In memoranda to FBI director Mueller, she decried Bureau ineptitude regarding 9/11 and warned of consequences of invading Iraq. One of three whistleblowers named Time Magazine’s Persons of the Year for 2002.

Ann Wright: Former Acting Ambassador in Afghanistan who resigned from the Foreign Service the day the bombing began in Iraq to protest U.S. policy. Served 29 years in the Army before retiring as a colonel.



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