Hillary helps out the healthcare industry

From Sam Smith:


The spin groupies in the corporate media are once again letting a major
Democratic presidential candidate get away with falsely identifying
their health plan as universal healthcare. Yes, Hillary Clinton’s plan
is universal but it is – like the plans of Edwards and Obama – a
universal health industry subsidy.

None of the top three are willing to end the cruel and useless American
approach to healthcare in which health insurance companies pointlessly
profit from citizen’s needs to cover ever rising medical costs.

The simple and wisest solution is single payer healthcare – similar to
the highly successful Medicare program for seniors – but the big guys
won’t touch it, leaving the cause to people like Dennis Kucinich and
John Conyers, Greens and major labor unions.

Clinton et al are using the power of the federal government to guarantee
the continued profits of predator insurance companies. That’s not only
the wrong approach, it’s despicable.


Hillary Learned the Wrong Lesson
from 1994 Health Care Fiasco

By Rose Ann DeMoro

The Huffington Post — September 18, 2007

The pundits might have it right on this one. Hillary
Clinton did learn a lesson from her 1994 fiasco on
healthcare reform. Unfortunately for most of us who
don’t have an Inc. after our name or a private jet to
cart us around, it was the wrong lesson.

In the days leading up to the announcement of her
latest, much anticipated health plan, Sen. Clinton
threw around the word “consensus” a lot. In this case,
the consensus she was seeking was with the same
industry that so savaged her prior experience with

This time, she apparently wants to soften them up in
advance with a proposal that will generate hundreds of
millions of dollars in additional profits for the
insurance giants. It’s probably not a coincidence that
she is also the top recipient of healthcare sector
contributions to her presidential campaign.

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