Colin Powell warns of "terror industrial complex"

Will Prescott, son of my good friend Dr. Bruce Prescott, has interviewed Colin Powell
about a comment that the latter made to GQ about the danger of a “terror industrial complex”:
“Well, I think we have to be aware. We are spending an enormous amount of money on homeland security and I think we should spend whatever it takes. But I think we have to be careful that we don’t get so caught up in trying to throw money at the terrorist and counter terrorist problem, that we are essentially creating an industry that will only exist as long you keep the terrorist threat pumped up. And so, that would be the context of that comment and I feel strongly about it.”
Here are some pertinent URL’s, one to Dr. Prescott’s site (I pasted his recent blog below),
and the other to Will Prescott’s interview with Powell:

Powell Warns About a U.S.
“Terror Industrial Complex”

Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell spoke at the University of Oklahoma this afternoon. My son, Will, interviewed Powell for the OU Daily immediately before he entered the hall to give his speech.

Will asked him to expound on a comment he made to GQ Magazine about a “terror industrial complex.” He also asked his opinion of the expanded use of private contractors, like Blackwater, in Iraq and the propriety of paying them more than military personnel.

Here’s a link to the video of Will Prescott’s interview with Colin Powell. Here’s a link to Will’s story about Powell’s speech.

One reply on “Colin Powell warns of "terror industrial complex"”

how about the police state industrial complex where people are criminalised to feed the criminal justice industry and to coerce them into compliance in thought and deed, media propaganda and mass thought control. Be afraid, be very afraid..

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