Bob Fitrakis speaks on HR 811

Bob Fitrakis,
One of Four Attorneys
to File a Challenge to
Ohio’s 2004 Presidential Election Results
This Week’ Special Guest on
“Voice of the Voters!”
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Congressman Dennis Kucinich, August 8, on “Voice of the Voters!”:

Something occurs to me, and that is, that perhaps the distinguished guest that you have on would be willing to call my office in Washington because there may be a legal basis for a lawsuit here that deals with really denying the right to vote. And I think I’d be very interested in seeing if that research that’s been done could be the basis of a lawsuit to try to throw out that technology for use in a federal election. (…) What action we might be able to take with respect to a ban because I just want to check to see how far we can go in terms of commerce because there is a commerce clause of the Constitution, and I want to see if there are any states’ rights that would be violated here.”

Can we ban DREs? That’s basically the question that Ohio Congressman Kucinich asked early last month. This week we put that challenge to fellow Ohioan, Bob Fitrakis, professor, author, editor, 2006 Ohio Green Party gubernatorial candidate, and one of four attorneys to file a challenge to Ohio’s 2004 presidential election results.
With his broad background and experience in Ohio’s 2004 problems, Bob Fitrakis brings a wealth of knowledge of weaknesses facing our election systems and steps we need to take now to better secure 2008.
Also included in the discussion will be a comprehensive look at DREs – the costs of operating, the problems encountered and, of course, can and should they be banned?
Also, from John Gideon, Executive Director of Voters Unite, we’ll be getting an update on this week’s top voting stories plus discuss the status of “Microsoft 811!” .
….a bill that protects the interests of software corporations over the rights of citizens. In fact the Holt bill is NOT the Holt bill anymore! It has become ‘Microsoft 811’!
Mr. Holt: “The bill has been changed since I introduced it. It’s no longer my bill — well, it’s still my bill but it’s been marked up in committee.”
“Unfortunately, the committee that made this change heard from Microsoft. They heard that Voice. The point is Microsoft did lobby strongly. It wasn’t just Microsoft. It was everybody who–Audience question: “Diebold?”
“No, it was software — the software industry.”
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