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21 Sep 2007
Blackwater security company back on the streets of Baghdad 21 Sep 2007 US private security company [Waffen-SS] Blackwater was back on the streets of Baghdad, four days after being grounded following a shooting incident in which 10 people were killed, a US official said Friday.
US resumes Blackwater convoys in Iraq 21 Sep 2007 American convoys under the protection of Blackwater USA resumed on Friday, four days after the U.S. Embassy suspended all land travel by its diplomats and other civilian officials in response to the alleged killing of civilians by the mercenaries.
Maliki blasts Blackwater firm for other incidents 19 Sep 2007 Blackwater security guards who protect top U.S. diplomats in Iraq have been involved in at least seven serious incidents, some of which resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki said Wednesday… Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammed al Askari told McClatchy Newspapers that one of the incidents was former Iraqi Electricity Minister Ahyam al Samarrai’s escape from a Green Zone jail in December. Samarrai had been awaiting sentencing on charges that he had embezzled $2.5 billion that was intended to ‘rebuild’ Iraq’s decrepit electricity grid. Until now, Iraqi officials hadn’t named the private security company that they believe helped Samarrai, the only Iraqi cabinet official convicted of corruption, to escape from a jail that was overseen jointly by U.S. and Iraqi guards. He subsequently was spirited out of the country and is believed to be living in the United States.
Congress Wants Testimony From Blackwater Boss 20 Sep 2007 The founder and chairman of Blackwater USA, the private security contractor, has been told to appear next month before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. In a letter today to Blackwater chairman Erik Prince, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., said the hearing would concentrate on “the mission and performance of Blackwater USA and its affiliated companies [mercenaries] in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Olbermann to Bush: ‘Your hypocrisy is so vast’ –A reaction to Thursday’s press conference: The president was the one who interjected Gen. Petraeus into the political dialogue in the first place By Keith Olbermann 20 Sep 2007 Terrorizing your own people in hopes of getting them to vote for your own party has never brought as much as a public comment from you? The Republican hamstringing of Captain Max Cleland and lying about Lieutenant John Kerry met with your approval? But a shot at General Petraeus… [it] was you who reduced him from four-star hero to a political hack, merits this pissy juvenile blast at the Democrats on national television? Your hypocrisy is so vast that if we could somehow use it to fill the ranks in Iraq you could realize your dream and keep us fighting there until the year 3000.

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