Why the 2004 election matters more than ever

Let’s say three years ago, someone broke into your home, lifted everything, and attacked your family. Nothing was done about it but you knew what the score was. Every time you inquired, you were told, “That’s old news.”

It wouldn’t be old news to any of us if we knew who the perpetrator was.

This article narrows the gap considerably in terms of evidence and who is concealing it.

We’ll never forget the nightmares since 2001 but we know why we’ve had them since 2004 – check it out.

See you at the General Strike! Michael Collins

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Michael Collins: Notes from the Underground Part 1
Wednesday, 22 August 2007, 1:37 pm
Opinion: Michael Collins
Notes from the Underground
Why the 2004 Election Matters More than Ever

Notes from the Underground Richard Jacksties (c) with permission
Part 1: The Meaning of the Legend

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Part 1 of series
Election 2004: The Urban Legend
Election Magic
Imagine a night at the theater.* A magician comes on stage with a corpse in tow. A doctor from the audience confirms that it is in fact the very real human corpse of a middle aged white male. The magician passes his hand over the corpse just once. It gets up, dances a gig, and leaves the stage. The reanimated middle age man who was once dead returns for an encore.

You’re aghast! You go back stage and confront the magician, “How did you do that?” The magician responds sincerely, “I have no idea.”

Does that make him a magician?

Now imagine that after you question the entertainer, he rolls out another corpse, which is undoubtedly a quite dead middle aged white male. The magician says, “Just pass your hand over the corpse once.” You do, and the corpse arises, dances a gig and leaves the dressing room asking the first person he sees where to get a cab.

Does that make you a magician?
On election night 2004, the networks came on the air and announced that George W. Bush had won the presidential contest to become 43rd president of the United States.

Earlier in the day, there were leaked reports revealing the results of the networks’ own exit polls conducted by a distinguished polling firm. The reports had the White House in a panic. Bush was sure to lose given the trends.

According to the exits, he was losing his base, the rural segment of the population that had carried him to victory in 2000. Turnout in the Republican suburbs was not much greater than in the country as a whole, and new voters were going for Kerry 60% to 40%.

The final leaked poll was enough to bring broad smiles to the faces of Democratic leaders and committed campaign workers who had gathered in union halls and hotel ballrooms across the nation.

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  1. Mark, thank you so much for putting this on your blog. 2004 is very important and the evidence held by the national election poll media groups (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, & AP) must be made public. I’m referring to the raw data from the 2004 exit polls that would be be helpful in understanding Ohio 2004 and the national picture. The networks own the data and have refused two requests by Rep John Conyers, (D-MI), made after the election.

    “What did they know and when did they know it” is what the network consortium needs to answer. Since they’re the folks who would cover this story, we’re not likely to hear much from them.

    Can you imagine how quickly they’d be in court if the evidence for this type of explosive story were held by any groups other than them?

    Maybe someone else with the strength to bird dog this will emerge.

    Thanks again for all you’re doing to help restore our rights and allow for fair, open elections where all eligible can vote without hindrance.

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