The smart money weighs in on Rove's departure…

…and seems to think that Rove is “leaving” BushCo to help work more of his old black magic in 2008.
From Jonathan Simon:
m–You know you’re burned out when Karl freakin Rove’s freakin resignation doesn’t even raise your pulse rate one beat-per-minute. Yawn. Though my thinking on this is that the day Karl Rove wants to spend “more time with his family” will be the day we see an honest election in The Homeland. My best guess is that the Regime knows it has to pull out all the stops in 2008 and Rove needs to find some cave less visible to operate out of in order to pull it off. Or perhaps he just has to get all his equipment moved out before the “terrorists” hit the White House. Or am I being too cynical?–j
From Paul Lehto:
Any decision by Rove himself is strategically what HE considers to be his best move. Barring solid evidence he was forced into it, he is most likely moving into campaign mode for 2008.

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