Scott Ritter in NYC!

First (Last) Tuesdays:
Scott Ritter
Author of Waging Peace: The Art of War for the Antiwar Movement (Nation Books)
This event is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug 28th – 7:00 PM

The McNally-Robinson Bookstore is at 52 Prince St., which is between
Lafayette and Mulberry, south side of the street. If for any reason you should
need to call the store, the number is 212-274-1160.

Hosted by Mark Crispin Miller

This monthly series hosted by author and activist Mark Crispin Miller features authors whose books tackle political and public issues from a stance outside the mainstream. This month’s discussion has been moved from the first to the last Tuesday of the month in order to make it possible to host Scott Ritter, former Marine and UN weapons inspector and a strongly persuasive voice in the anti-war movement. Ritter’s new book Waging Peace argues that there is a growing despondency amongst the anti-war movement, and proposes the movement seek guidance from sources they normally spurn – that one must study the “enemy” in order to learn the art of campaigning and of waging battles when necessary. Taking examples from Sun Tzu, Napoleon and other masters of the art of war, Ritter proposes a new strategy for success in fighting against war itself.

NOTE: Yes, it’s going to be on C-SPAN.

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