Red state troops deploy to nation's capital

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26 Aug 2007

‘Operation Noble Eagle’ false flag operations underway: Florida Troops Deploy to Nation’s Capital 24 Aug 2007 Members of the 1st Battalion 265 Air Defense Artillery have mobilized and are on a plane headed first to Ft. Bliss, then for federal active duty in the capital region. The troops will be deployed for a year. The 265th is part of Operation Noble Eagle. They are ordered by the president [sic] to the nation’s capital, where they will operate high-tech weapons systems ‘against’ any potential air threat.

Even I question the ‘truth’ about 9/11 By Robert Fisk 25 Aug 2007 I am increasingly troubled at the inconsistencies in the official narrative of 9/11. It’s not just the obvious non sequiturs: where are the aircraft parts (engines, etc) from the attack on the Pentagon? Why have the officials involved in the United 93 flight (which crashed in Pennsylvania) been muzzled? Why did flight 93’s debris spread over miles when it was supposed to have crashed in one piece in a field? …I am talking about scientific issues… What about the third tower – the so-called World Trade Centre Building 7 (or the Salmon Brothers Building) – which collapsed in 6.6 seconds in its own footprint at 5.20pm on 11 September? Why did it so neatly fall to the ground when no aircraft had hit it? …Journalistically, there were many odd things about 9/11.

What’s in a name? U.S. rebrands Iraq ex-insurgents 25 Aug 2007 U.S. forces have rebranded one of the main ‘insurgent’ groups in Iraq and now use the term “concerned local nationals” to refer to a group that once claimed responsibility for killing scores of Americans.

The Great Iraq Swindle –How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit Contractors to Invade the U.S. Treasury –How is it done? How do you screw the taxpayer for millions, get away with it and then ride off into the sunset with one middle finger extended, the other wrapped around a chilled martini? Ask Earnest O. Robbins — he knows all about being a successful contractor in Iraq. (Issue 1034, The Rolling Stone) 23 Aug 2007 According to the most reliable °(c)estimates, we have doled out more than $500 billion for the war, as well as $44 billion for the Iraqi reconstruction effort. And what did America’s contractors give us for that money? They built big steaming shit piles, set brand-new trucks on fire, drove back and forth across the desert for no r
son at all and dumped bags of nails in ditches… But what happened in Iraq went beyond inefficiency, beyond fraud even. This was about the business of government being corrupted by the profit motive to such an extraordinary degree that now we all have to wonder how we will ever be able to depend on the state to do its job in the future.

< di v>Maybe Trading Up Soon at Justice 24 Aug 2007 The buzz among top Bushies is that beleaguered Attorney General Alberto Gonzales finally plans to depart and will be replaced by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Why Chertoff? Officials say he’s got fans on Capitol Hill, is untouched by the Justice prosecutor scandal, and has more experience than Gonzales did, having served as a federal judge and assistant attorney general.