Psychologists continue aiding BushCo's torture

Psychology group scuttles proposed ban on aiding interrogations

By SUDHIN THANAWALA Associated Press Writer
News Fuze
SAN FRANCISCO-The nation’s largest group of psychologists scrapped a measure Sunday that would have prohibited its members from assisting interrogators at Guantanamo Bay and other U.S. military detention centers.

The American Psychological Association’s policy-making council voted against a proposal to ban psychologists from taking part in any interrogations at U.S. military prisons “in which detainees are deprived of adequate protection of their human rights.”
Instead, the group approved a resolution that reaffirmed the association’s opposition to torture and restricted members from taking part in interrogations that involved any of more than a dozen specific practices, including sleep deprivation and forced nakedness.

Critics of the proposed ban who spoke before the vote at the 148,000-member organization’s annual meeting in San Francisco said the presence of psychologists would help insure interrogators did not abuse prisoners.

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