Here's one way Giuliani (say) could be "elected"

As our voting apparatus is still thoroughly corrupt, this third party movement would provide the perfect rationale for yet another “upset victory” by the Republicans in 2008, even though the latter are about as likely to retain the White House honestly as they are to levitate.
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Unity08 has launched a unique online study that allows you to rank the presidential candidates and the issues facing the country.

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We’ve invited you to take and publish this study because we’ve seen that your site actively discusses politics and the state of the nation. It is crucial for us to include as many American citizens as we can so that we can truly start discussing the “crucial” issues facing the country and how to resolve them… before it is too late.
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  1. I beg to differ with your assumption that Unity08 will simply hand the election to the Republicans.

    Recent third party attempts to win the presidency, but which ultimately acted as spoilers, are not a good model for comparison. Buchanan, Nader, Thurmond, and Wallace all ran with a fringe platform, seeking to disrupt and divide. Perot polled 19% while running on a single issue, even after temporarily dropping out of the race. But, the country, at those times, was not in the state of disrepair that it is in now. Nor were there so many crucial issues needing to be addressed simultaneously. The proper model for comparison would be the moments of truth when the country has been on the line.

    Unfortunately, it often takes a catastrophe to bring the American people together for change. The Civil War, Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, and September 11 were moments of truth in this country when bipartisan leadership led to cooperative governance. In fact, a third party called the Republican Party was formed in 1854 primarily over the split that occurred in the Whig Party over the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Over the next two years, Whig Party members disbanded and the Democrats fractured, many of them joining the Republicans. This Republican third party elected their first president in 1860, Abraham Lincoln.

    Most voters consider 2008 the most important election in their lifetime — and perhaps in the lifetime of their children as well. A May 2007 Newsweek poll determined that 71% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time. Unity08 will appeal to the 40% of voters who call themselves independent, Republicans and Democrats who are open to new ideas and leadership, and the millions who have stopped voting out of disgust.

    There are no guarantees of course, but we believe if we do our job right, the American people will have the chance to take their country back. We understand that the country is in jeopardy. We are ready to make effective change and end the paralysis in Washington.

    Bob Roth
    VP Online Marketing

  2. In case nobody bothered to tell you – the latest Rasmussen poll has Guiliani beating Hillary by 7 points. Whether that lead holds up or not is anybody’s guess. But don’t give us this crap about how the Dems should automatically win in ’08. That’s garbage.

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