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Clint Curtis Urgently Needs Your Help
I am the programmer that testified before the Conyers’ Commission investigating election fraud in Ohio. Last year, I ran for US Congress against Tom Feeney, the very person who had requested the vote fraud program. With only a few weeks to go, the race was in a dead heat. Some say that we were buried with an avalanche of money while others believe that the vote flipping fraud altered our election results. Evidence exists which supports both theories, but the final word is that we did not gain the seat. I did not quit. With the help of thousands of people, including you, we helped push through legislation that will allow for the vote to be verified in Florida.

Although you may not be able to vote for me, I will be voting for you everyday in Congress. I support your causes and will actually get the job done. No compromises. No excuses. No delays.
Last campaign, you came forward. The Democratic Party did not. This time, this is one of three top targeted seats in the country. The Party now recognizes that this is a district we can win. Much of that is due to our exposure of Tom Feeney’s corruption and his ongoing FBI investigation into his backroom deals with Jack Abramhoff. That is why I need your financial support.
We must raise $250,000 by September 30th to show the Party that I have the backing it takes to win. Lacking that, the Party has indicated that they might well recruit someone to run against me who will not be as interested in your causes as I am. The selection will most likely be someone who will not be willing to stand up for America and get legislation passed with no compromises, no excuses, no delays. Congress all ready has enough Washington puppets who are not fulfilling their promises to you. You need representation, you need leadership for a change. That is what I intend to do.
Even though it seems early, it is vital that we reach our goal this cycle. With each of you contributing $99, we can achieve that goal and “make a difference” can be a reality rather than just a slogan. It is important that we elect candidates that owe their elections to the people. Without that, we end up with the same old lack of progress regardless of the party in power. We must do better. Our country is at stake.
Long after our soldiers have left Iraq; Long after democracy is restored in America and those in our own government that have attacked our American values are held accountable; Long after we – the people – have taken back our country for ourselves; Lets us be able to say – It started with us. We joined together and did more than talk about change. Together, we made it happen.
Thank you for everything you have done.

Clint Curtis Leadership for a Change
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