GOP straw poll to use HCPB!

So why not for the entire nation, GOP?


News Flash from Austin to our friends fighting for HCPB:

(A formal press release to follow later today)

We (VoteRescue) have just learned this morning that the Republican
Party of Texas has finally made their decision about how the paper
ballots will be counted in this Saturday’s Texas GOP Straw Poll: BY
HAND, not scanner!! In light of the scanner problems and backroom
counting that occurred in the Iowa Straw Poll, we applaud their smart

We are are now trying to learn the details of the entire straw poll
voting process, such as, the chain of custody of ballots from marking
to counting and the presence of representatives of both the public
and the press in addition to the representatives from the
participating parties at the counting.

Karen Renick & Vickie Karp
Austin, TX

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