Gee, who ISN'T fixing Wikipedia?

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2007.08.15 * 16:06 EST
How Republicans, Democrats, and Diebold fix Wikipedia
Wired News’ John Borland had quite a fun story yesterday about a new tool to track down folks who are anonymously editing articles in Wikipedia.
A CalTech grad student named Virgil Griffith developed the tool, called Wikipedia Scanner, after hearing about congressional aides who were fixing their bosses’ WP entries. The service is a database of all anonymous edits to Wikipedia organized according to the Internet addresses of well-known groups: Want to know what people with Democratic National Committee IP addresses were doing on Wikipedia? Go here. (Among other things, such folks were calling Rush Limbaugh a “racist” and a “jerkoff.”) Or check out the Republican Party’s record, including this alteration of the U.S. “occupying” Iraq to our “liberating” it. [Note: Direct links to Wikipedia Scanner don’t seem to be working right now; that’s likely because everyone online is checking it out.]
Correction: I originally called Griffith an MIT grad student; he is actually a student at Cal Tech.

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