FL 2000 RIGGED by Sequoia!

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There are — far too quietly — some of the most important decisions of our generation now being made in states and counties around the country. Again, over the past few days, we have been focusing on them at The BRAD BLOG. Whether you are paying attention to them and our reporting of same, it has become quiet clear that America’s Voting Machine Companies certainly are, and they are making themselves no strangers at BRAD BLOG, in comments and via email.
Here are links to some of our most notable reports from the last day or two, leading off with one stunning revelation concerning the 2000 Election…believe it or not…and how we got to this mess in the place…. — Brad

DAN RATHER REPORTS VIDEO: ‘The Trouble with Touch Screens’ Will be HUGE Trouble for Sequoia, ES&S and Maybe the Republicans from the 2000 Election!

Complete, Disturbing Investigative Exposé, Featuring Troubling New Revelations About America’s E-Voting Companies, Now Available in Full Online…

NOTE: The original Google video of this report has been taken down for some reason, so we are making it available in full, in three easy to watch segments.

Holy Cow! If you haven’t seen this report’s enormous news concerning Sequoia’s apparent effort to create havoc with Florida’s punch-cards in 2000, you must do so immediately.
Seven company whistleblowers, all interviewed on camera, and by name, reveal their repeated objections to the company’s use of faulty paper and purposeful misalignment of chads specifically for Democratic Palm Beach County, FL only — in the 2000 Presidential Election.
“Someone” at the company okayed the faulty ballots despite the objections of the employees, including the Quality Control manager at the factor who is also interviewed. Sequoia has yet to admit who that “someone” was.
The revelations here are remarkable and breathtaking, should earn “Dan Rather Reports” an award for investigative journalism, and have already led to a call for a full Congression Investigation

Sequoia Voting Systems, in Full Damage Control Mode, Contacts Us About Error, Reveals Several of Their Own in the Bargain

We’re Happy to Correct Our Error Publicly, Will They Correct Their Multiple Ones in Turn?

UPDATED: Sequoia’s Attempt to Fool America Continues, Company Scrubs Website, Rewrites History!



Truth to Power in St. Louis, Missouri…
Blogged by Brad Friedman from St. Louis…
Last Thursday’s event where I spoke out here in Kirkwood, as sponsored by Missourians for Honest Elections, was terrific. A packed house, and a bunch of fired up folks — hopefully ready to go out and fight for their democracy — by the time we were done, I do believe.
St. Louisans Thor Hearne (of the GOP vote suppression front group “ACVR”), Paul DiGregrorio (former St. Louis County Election Director, turned EAC Chair, turned Voting Company chief), and John Diehl (current St. Louis County Election Director) declined to show, despite the invitation sent to them to speak at the event along with me.
To their credit, however, the City of St. Louis’ Board of Election did come by all on their own.
The biggest honor of the week for me here in St. Louis, however, was an invitation I received by phone on Tuesday afternoon to come in and meet with the Editorial Board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the once-great paper founded by Joseph Pulitzer in 1878…

PA Counties May Return to Lever Voting Machines – or Paper – After E-Vote Vendor Refuses to Pay Federal Test Lab
AVS in Contract Dispute with ‘Independent’ Test Lab After ‘Thousands of Irregularities’ Are Discovered in Company’s ‘Upgraded’ Software
Does Issue Augur Similar Concerns for Other States, Near-Bankrupt Companies?

Riverside County, CA, to Hold Sequoia Accountable for Lies, Faulty Voting Machines?
If So, Let the Fraud Suits Begin!
I know it seems difficult to believe, but the first sign we’ve yet to be able to find publicly of a public official finally considering holding a voting machine company accountable for years of fraud and lying about their equipment, may come out of — of all places — Riverside County, CA!

Disenfranchised? The ‘Voice of Witness’ Project Wants to Hear – and Help Tell – Your Story
Third Book in VOW Series to Cover First-Person Tales of Voter Disenfranchisement…
Were you disenfranchised in some way in a recent election? Did you have trouble casting your vote for some reason? Or do you know someone who had such a problem? If so, the “Voice of Witness” program would like to hear your story and allow you to tell it to the world, in your own voice, in their latest book in their series of first-person stories…

Diebold/Premier’s Touch-Screen Voting Machines Going Way of Edsel
Not-Yet-Bankrupt Company’s New Website Fails to ‘Highlight’ Discredited, Inaccurate, Easily-Hacked System…

Brad Friedman
Publisher/Editor, The BRAD BLOG

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