ES&S machines allow exposure of "secret" ballots!

From Brad Friedman:

E-Voting Game Over: Touch-Screen Voting Machines in Ohio Found to Reveal Secret Ballot, Who Voted For What
Buckeye State Election Integrity Advocates Match Votes to Voters on the State’s ES&S Voting Systems
Systems from Other Companies, Such as Diebold, Have the Same Problem…No Matter How Much Their Spokespeople Lie About It…

— By Brad Friedman from St. Louis, MO…

Enough. Enough. Enough already with this nightmare. It’s time to decertify, ban, burn, crush, destroy all Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) touch-screen voting machines. Period.

DREs should never be allowed for use in another American election. Period.

The latest incredible outrage and reminder of the continuing fraud being perpetuated by ES&S, Diebold and Sequoia, comes courtesy of a CNET story today…



BREAKING: GOP/DoJ ‘Voter Fraud’ Zealot Bradley Schlozman Out at DoJ
Yet Another One Bites the Dust in Continuing U.S. Attorney Purge Scandal…



More Bad News Coming Tomorrow Morning for Diebold!
Stay Tuned!…

Brad Friedman
Creator/Publisher, The BRAD BLOG

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