E-voting means no secret ballots

E-voting predicament: Not-so-secret ballots
By Declan McCullagh
Story last modified Mon Aug 20 09:06:52 PDT 2007

Ohio’s method of conducting elections with electronic voting machines appears to have created a true privacy nightmare for state residents: revealing who voted for
which candidates.

Two Ohio activists have discovered that e-voting machines made by Election Systems and Software and used across the country produce time-stamped paper trails
that permit the reconstruction of an election’s results–including allowing voter names to be matched to their actual votes.

Making a secret ballot less secret, of course, could permit vote selling and allow interest groups or family members to exert undue pressure on Ohio residents to
vote a certain way. It’s an especially pointed concern in Ohio, a traditional swing state in presidential elections that awarded George Bush a narrow victory over
John Kerry three years ago.

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