Did Cheney push Rove out?

Cheney helped force Rove out
by Jackson Thoreau

Dick Cheney helped force George W. Bush to finally agree to dump top aide Karl Rove, sources say.

Cheney and Rove have engaged in a mostly behind-the-scenes feud since the indictment of Cheney’s top aide, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, in 2005. Rove was included as “Official A” in the indictment who also leaked information to key media members to try to discredit Iraqi war critic Joseph Wilson.

Rove did not get indicted after giving depositions five times in the investigation and changing some of his statements.

Cheney, who reportedly masterminded the vendetta campaign against Wilson himself, thought that Rove blamed the scandal on Libby, who he considered a scapegoat. Rove and Cheney have been at each other’s throats since.

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