Clint Curtis speaks out

BradBlogAlert Sunday Weekender Edition. A few items of note and/or interest before the usual, predictably contentious pre-labor day week begins, for which we are working on a number of important stories. Until then, please enjoy the below and if anybody recognizes the Election Official in the photo below, please call the authorities right away… — Brad

Help Me Let the DC Democrats Know
I’m Running Against Feeney in 2008
…And Plan to Defeat Him Once and For All…

— Guest Blogged by Clint Curtis

…I’m not just proud to oppose the corrupt Tom Feeney again, I’m eager to do it…We don’t yet have the support of the DCCC. Their sole focus right now is on how much money we can raise in this quarter. That is why I need your support right now…


Met Me in St. Louis
Some Nice Press Coverage — Including the Obligatory Lies from an Election Official — Out of My Old Hometown…
— Blogged by Brad Friedman from Salina, KS…
There was some pretty decent press coverage of my speaking event last week in St. Louis as sponsored by Missourians for Honest Elections.
COMPLETE STORY, DIEHL’S LIES DEBUNKED (w/ independently verifiable evidence):

Another Media Outlet Digs Into the Nefarious Thor Hearne and His ‘American Center for Voting Rights’
Many Questions, Legal and Otherwise, Still Unanswered Concerning the Mysterously-Funded ‘Non-Partisan’ GOP Front Group…

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