California, here they come…

Help my friend STOP the “Presidential Election Reform Act” in CA!


Dear Friend,

Unless you join me in acting, the White House — and our democracy — will be hijacked by a Republican “elaborate dirty trick” in June 2008.

So says a powerful editorial from the New York Times titled “Stacking the Electoral Deck”.

The Republicans are launching an unbelievable ballot initiative proposed for June 2008 in California — a right-wing power grab straight out of Karl Rove’s “dirty tricks” playbook. If passed, it would dictate that California divide up its electoral college votes by congressional district — resulting in the Republican theft of at least 20 electoral votes in November’s general election.

Game over. You might as well give the keys to the White House to Rudolph Giuliani, Mitt Romney or John McCain right now.

Just like I did, please click here to stop this “elaborate dirty trick” from being pulled on the American public:

In a scathingly powerful editorial, the New York Times is blunt in describing how this cynical scheme by a “shadowy group” of California Republicans will “do serious damage to our democracy.”

Remember when Karl Rove stole Florida from Al Gore in 2000? What about Tom DeLay’s single-handed theft of five congressional seats via redistricting in Texas?

If California loses its winner-take-all system, the consequences for America will be catastrophic. Iraq. Health care. Global warming. The future of every single issue we care about will be decided in California on June 3, 2008.

But we can stop it. Now. It only takes a second to click this link and sign the “No Dirty Tricks” pledge:

In November 2008, we will be voting for a new President in the most important election of our lifetime.

But your vote won’t matter if the Republicans steal the California election in June 2008. Please stand up right now to the GOP’s dirty tricks and say “No” to this cynical right-wing power grab.

Thank you!

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