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From the look of things, the Voting Machine Companies, and the Elections Officials who sadly continue to enable, apologize and lie on their behalf, are up against it these days. Finally. At least if today’s notable BRAD BLOG articles are any indication… — Brad


Diebold Distributor Tells BRAD BLOG ‘You Are Totally Full of Shit’
Comments That We Are ‘Deluded’, ‘Paranoid’, ‘Looney Idealogues’ and that Voting Machines Are Not the ‘Cause of Our Problems, It’s the People’
Challenges Us to a Debate…We Accept…
In a late comment posted just this morning, in reply to the article and photos about my recent visit to Diebold in Texas, a person claiming to be Ken Hajjar, the Director of Sales and Marketing for one of Diebold’s New England distributors believes I am “totally full of shit”

His comment begins, “Dear Brad, you are totally full of shit. I used to think that all of the looney idealogues were on the right. There are just as many on the left and you are one of them,” and goes on to call me “paranoid” and “deluded” from there, while shooting himself in the face concerning his own argument (with which we agree, though not as he meant it) that “It’s not the machines that are the cause of our problems, it’s the people.”

He also then challenges me to a public debate, which I accept…If he’s still interested after my well-evidenced, and perhaps dessimating ,reply to his silly, ill-conceived screed…



Columnist: ‘Whining’ California Election Registrars are ‘Losers, Exposed as Careless at Best, Irresponsible at Worst’
Says Were it Not for Debra Bowen’s Victory Last November, We Wouldn’t Know About ‘Corruptible’ Voting Machines Rubber-Stamped by Her Predecessor Bruce McPherson…
Once again, in a world of horrible reporting and irresponsible journalists, willing to pass on discredited, unevidenced sour grapes from Election Officials and Voting Machine Company spokesliars, it’s syndicated columnist Tom Elias who cuts through the crap and tells the truth about those “loser” Officials.



CA’s E-Voting Earthquake: Aftershocks Felt in Kentucky as State’s AG Takes On Voting Machine Companies in Light of California’s Demand to Correct Faulty, Insecure Systems
LETTER: AG Stumbo Demands Same Protections from Diebold and Hart InterCivic for His State as Demanded by Debra Bowen In California
While KY’s ‘Do-Nothing’ Secretary of State Wants To Do Nothing…
In terse letters sent to voting machine companies Diebold and Hart Intercivic (letters posted in full at link below), KY Attorney General Gregory D. Stumbo demanded that the companies “immediately implement in Kentucky all modifications and security upgrades necessary to correct the vulnerabilities identified by California.”…



Kucinich Says Legal Action May Need to be Taken Against Voting Machine Companies
On Election Integrity Program Says ‘There Might Be a Legal Basis For A Lawsuit That Deals With Denying The Right To Vote’…
The subject was voting machines, the vendors, and the voters, and Kucinich raised the possibility that the recent studies done on such systems in California might be the basis of a lawsuit to throw out “that technology.” He said felt that legal action, in this instance, may be a faster route than waiting on Congress to act…



VIDEO: Bush Questions Why He Would Hold Alberto Gonzales Accountable
Says Congress Has Not Said Attorney General Guilty Of Any Wrongdoing

Yup. That’s what he said…



Waxman Tells Impeachment Advocates He’ll ‘Keep an Open Mind’
Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles Lobby for Accountability in Meeting with Chairman of House Oversight Committee…
Marcy Winograd, former Democractic candidate for the U.S. House and President of the Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles (PDLA), sent the following e-mail missive to PDLA members earlier today describing a meeting on Tuesday with Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

The conversation regarding Impeachment, the Congressman’s views on same, and the arguments made by the activists in favor of it are interesting and offer some insight into both Waxman’s thinking at this moment and, undoubtedly, that of many other House Democrats who clearly are seeing things differently from inside the Beltway than those of us outside of it.

We can only hope that all U.S. House and Senate members are getting such an earful now that they’re on recess and back in their home districts. Here’s Winograd’s instructive report in full…



Brad Friedman
Publisher/Editor, The BRAD BLOG

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