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Subject: Bob McChesney’s new book 40
Dear friend, relative or acquaintance of Bob McChesney (or person who somehow ended up in my address book):

This October my brand new book, Communication Revolution: Critical Junctures and the Future of Media, will be published by New Press. I think it is in many ways my best book and culminates two decades of research.

This is what journalism icon Ben Bagdikian had to say about the book: “Robert McChesney has written a book that alerts everyone that we are at an historic moment when every citizen can act NOW to decide whether the communications revolution will be a cramped, corporate monopoly or a giant step toward democracy’s lifeblood: a truly informed public.”

Michael Delli Carpini, Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, says: “Bob McChesney, the nation’s leading public intellectual on the history of media policy and practice in the United States, has done it again. Part media critique, part intellectual history, part personal memoir, and part manifesto, Communication Revolution: Critical Junctures and the Future of Media throws down the gauntlet to communication scholars, challenging us to make our field more central to the contemporary struggle over the future of media and their role in a democratic society. It is a challenge worth serious consideration.”
Toby Miller of UC-Riverside says: “Bob McChesney knows the answers, and he shares them with us in this pioneering contribution. Your thinking about the media will be transformed within five minutes of picking up this book. A few hours later, you’ll wonder where the time has gone as you race towards its conclusion.”

You can learn more about this book here.

Thanks to a generous donation, Free Press, the media reform group I co-founded five years ago, has received an early shipment of the books before they are going to be sent to bookstores. If you become a member of Free Press (cost: $50) you will have a copy of Communication Revolution sent to you immediately.

You can join Free Press and get Communication Revolution by going to: http://www.freepress.net/content/donate

Because of the nature of the donation, your entire membership payment will go to the Free Press Action Fund and go toward the valuable work of promoting and preserving a strong independent media system in the United States. To learn more about Free Press, go to www.freepress.net.

Free Press is devoted to having widespread informed public participation on the crucial media policies upon which our media system is built. Free Press has been active protecting noncommercial and public broadcasting, stopping the cable and telephone giants from privatizing the Internet, keeping and generating media ownership rules that enable competitive markets and local and diverse ownership, and stopping government and corporate propaganda from masquerading as news. Free Press battles the largest corporate media and telecommunication firms and their massive lobbying and public relations armies on a daily basis in Washington DC and nationwide.

The Free Press Action Fund desperately needs your support if we are going to win this fight. We have proven that an army of mosquitoes can defeat a pack of dinosaurs over the past four years, but we need more mosquitoes and even mosquitoes need to eat.

If you think this book might interest you, or you want to support the public interest in the battle to shape our media system, I hope you will take advantage of this offer. And please send it along to others whom you think might be interested.

Thanks very much.


PS– I apologize if you receive this message more than once.

Robert W. McChesney
Department of Communication
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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  • Bogus. Just as bogus as the previous claims about plans for a theocracy – which Byron York dismantled in his book “The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy”.

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