ALERT: House to vote on HR 811 next week!

Michelle Mulder, counsel to Rep. Rush Holt, has just informed supporters
of HR 811 that the bill will come up for a vote on the House floor next week.
This URL will take you to the 8/31/07 edition of “The Weekly Leader,”
Rep. Steny Hoyer’s bulletin, which notes that HR 811 will probably appear
Although we have done much, over the last few months, to weaken the bill’s
congressional support, there is of course a good chance that the members of
the House, just back from vacation, will have lost their focus, and so may
vote this toxic legislation into law.
Please call your representatives in Congress, starting Tuesday: Contacting the Congress

And here are some useful links, courtesy of Joan Brunwasser:
Ask your rep to vote NO on HR 811 NOW! why HR 811 as written should be opposed.
BradBlog asks people to call Speaker Pelosi’s office to voice opposition to HR 811 (number provided): People for the American Way (PFAW) Continues Dishonest Lobbying Campaign for Holt Election Bill
Steve Rosenfeld on HR 811 and the right to sue over e-voting problems:
Steve Rosenfeld on other dangers in the bill:
Nancy Tobi’s excellent critique of HR 811.
Please send/post this email far and wide.

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