A Neo-Fascist Manifesto

Those still harboring doubts that Bush & Co. would ever steal elections–or cancel them–should take a look at this bit of demented caesarism, by crackpot “philosopher” Philip Atkinson, and posted on the Website of Family Security Matters (FSM), an offshoot of neo-con Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy (CSP).
You’re free to tell yourself, of course, that Atkinson’s effusion was a lark or fluke, entirely unrelated to the actual world-view, and ultimate intentions, of Cheney and his cohorts. (FSM took the essay down, and also dropped all mention of its author.) However, such denial would require that you also overlook the very tight relationship between CSP and the Bushevik regime, noted here by blogger Mark Kleiman.
In any case, Atkinson’s rant is well worth reading, as it offers us a startling glimpse into the hearts and minds of BushCo’s secular extremist wing, and helps us understand their otherwise bizarre alliance with the theocrats atop, and all throughout, the current government of the United States. Both factions loathe democracy, and would–will–do anything they can to wipe it out.

August 23, 2007
Neocon dreams: Bush as President for Life
Posted by Mark Kleiman
Boy oh boy, did I ever get this one wrong!
No hoax: Family Security Matters, a front group for Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, really did run a piece by a failed philosopher called Philip Atkinson calling for a genocidal campaign in Iraq followed by the use of the victorious army to establish George W. Bush as President-for-Life with dictatorial powers. (Full text below)

When this first came out, I was pretty sure I smelled a parody, but it turns out the guy was completely serious.

The argument of the piece, to give it an unduly generous label, calls for a diagnosis rather than a refutation. No wonder FSM “disappeared” not only the article (which has even been wiped from the cache) but the author, who has gone from “Contributing Editor” to “unperson” in record time. Winston Smith of the Ministry of Truth would be proud.

Presumably the scrubbing means that some semi-grownup somewhere in Gaffney’s operation noticed that Atkinson had finally parted company with even the neocon substitute for reality. But the mainstream media shouldn’t allow Family Security Matters, or the parent group, to avoid taking some heat for this. They may not be as certifiably loony as Atkinson, but they did give him an outlet, and his madness is merely an exaggeration of theirs. (And Atkinson’s Web-published ravings from at least a far back as 2000 gave evidence that he was several bricks short of a load.)

This illustrates once again a major structural advantage of the right wing: had a liberal group made an equivalent gaffe (e.g., publishing a full-blown 9/11 Truther piece) Drudge, Murdoch, and Limbaugh would make sure everyone heard about it. It’s safe to predict that this episode will never hit the mainstream press, despite the fact that Gaffney’s group had a big role in staffing the GWB national-security apparatus, having contributed Douglas Feith (Under Secretary of Defense for Policy), Elliott Abrams (Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations), J.D. Crouch (Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy), Mitchell Daniels (OMB Director; now Governor of Indiana), Paula Dobriansky (Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs), Robert Joseph (Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs for Proliferation Strategy, Counterproliferation and Homeland Defense), Richard Perle (Chairman of the Defense Policy Board), Robert Reilly (Director of the Voice of America), James Roche (Secretary of the Air Force), William Schneider (Chairman of the Defense Science Board), and Dov Zakheim (Under Secretary of Defense and Comptroller of DoD).

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