A chilling theocratic call-to-arms

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Have you heard of The Black Regiment?
It is a call to arms of sort to these fundie Xtian ideals…Chuck Baldwin is a John Bircher and he keeps putting out these calls for Xtian activists…men who are the head of their home and families, “having his wife and children in subjection to his authority. No henpecked men here.”
Looks like they plan to be ready in case of a Xtian takeover, a la The Handmaid’s Tale.
Help Me Locate The Black Regiment
By Chuck Baldwin
July 24, 2007

Faithful readers of this column know of my burden for the pastors of America. Without informed, energized, and engaged pulpits, I see little hope for the maintenance of liberty and independence in this land.
When the colonies broke free from the shackles of the Crown, it was the moral and spiritual strength of colonial pulpits that helped lead the way. These revolutionary preachers became known as The Black Regiment, due to the long, black robes they were known to wear in the pulpit.
The Black Regiment taught their congregations the principles of freedom Sunday by Sunday. They expounded, explained, and extrapolated the Biblical principles of authority and jurisdiction carefully and meticulously. As a result, the men of colonial America were so well informed, both spiritually and politically, that when the time came to declare their independence, they had both the heart and mind to do it. Statesmen took up the pen, and soldiers took up arms in the greatest fight for freedom in world history. And leading both statesman and soldier was the Black Regiment.

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  1. Big deal. This yahoo has about a hundred people who believe as he does? He will get nothing done. There are probably three times as many drug-saturated anarchists on the West Coast alone. They won’t accomplish anything, either.

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