87% say "No more Britney, Lindsay, Brangelina!"

Public Blames Media for Too Much Celebrity Coverage

Celebrity scandals receive too much news coverage, say an overwhelming majority of the public (87 percent), and very few (2 percent) say there is too little celebrity scandal coverage, according to a recent national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, writes MarketingCharts.

Moreover, the public’s interests and the news media’s coverage were not completely in sync, at least during the end of July, when the Pew study took place. Interest in the Iraq war remained high among the public, in spite of relatively little news coverage of it, Pew said.


Fully a quarter of the public said the Iraq war was the single news story they followed more closely than any other at the end of July, making it the public’s top news story. However, the national news media devoted just 3 percent of its overall coverage to the war, or the sixth most heavily covered news story of the week.

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And a commentary from The Nation:
It Ain’t Necessarily So…
By Eric Alterman

Along with the (now stalled) rush toward massive conglomeration and the (accelerating) rash of budget-cutting in news-gathering operations, perhaps the two most visible trends across nearly all mainstream US media in recent decades have been an increasing inclination toward tabloid-style coverage coupled with an intense effort to win over conservative critics of alleged liberal media bias.

Both have been routinely justified by the media moguls by what they deem to be the demands of the marketplace. “We’d like to report on important stuff,” goes the argument, “but these bozos want Paris and Britney, preferably with Rush or O’Reilly reporting.”

In fact, if decades of public opinion data are to be believed, both aspects of these arguments are false. The vast majority of Americans profess little interest in tabloid trash and right-wing reaction.

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