3 found dead in Feeney henchman's home!

Ralph Gonzalez, Whose Firm Created ‘CrazyClintCurtis.com’ Smear Website, Apparently Murdered
Gonzalez’s Strategum Group consulted for Feeney, Worked with Ralph Reed, GA Rep. Tom Price
— Guest Blogged by Steve Huff, with additional updates by Brad Friedman. [NOTE: We’ve updated this report several times with additional details since the news initially broke last night]
Police are investigating a possible double murder and suicide in an Orlando, Florida, residence owned by the former Executive Director of the Georgia Republican Party.
The Orange County Sheriff was called to 2420 Hickory Oak Blvd. in Orlando early Thursday. There they found three dead white men and two live dogs. The men may have been dead since Tuesday.

The home where they were found dead was owned by a political consultant/strategist of Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL), the one who worked on the Congressman’s smear campaign against vote-rigging whistleblower Clint Curtis last year…


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