More on WHAT'S WRONG with Feinstein's bill

Friends, here is another invaluable guide to the many horrid flaws in S 1487.
Please use it when composing your emails, and/or preparing your phone
calls, to your elected (?) representatives, as well as Hillary Clinton, Obama,
Dodd, Kennedy and Sanders.
From Teresa Hommel:

The US Senate Rules Committee will apparently conduct a hearing on July 25 on S1487.

Here is an analysis of problems with S1487. There are 25 areas of function, and many of them have severe problems.

I hope that all activists can agree that this bill is the wrong way to election reform.

I hope we can have a strong showing at the hearing next week, to demand a better bill and to make sure that our Senators understand why each of these flaws is wrong, and how to improve it.

What does it do? Why is it wrong? Suggested solutions!

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Great tips and valid remendir to be “bigger than our enemies” with specifics on just how to take the high road and maybe even turn things around. We may know to turn the other cheek, but it is always good to know why and how to reposition a negative situation into one that can be mutually beneficial.

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