"Election Fraud: Where's the Outrage"

A first -rate overview, via Michael Collins:
In his summary of an open crime scene, Election 2004, Partridge does an excellent job drawing the right conclusions from Election 2004: The Urban Legend. and the other 2004 data. Dr. Partridge at his best (but then I’m biased).

Impeach Bush, Michael Collins

Ernest Partridge:
NEW: Election Fraud: Where’s the Outrage? The mainstream media have been virtually silent about the issue of election fraud. The Democratic Party, the principle victim of the fraud (apart, that is, from the American voters), won?t touch the issue, Instead, the issue has been kept alive through the internet and the independent and self-financed efforts of a few determined individuals and citizen-based organizations. And now, startling new evidence has been published, not in the US but in New Zealand, offering further proof that the 2004 Presidential Election was stolen.

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