2/3 of voters don't notice vote-flipping on DRE machines

What this means is that there were actually many more such instances than all of those
that were reported coast to coast; and those that were reported, with a handful of exceptions,
told of Kerry votes turning into Bush votes.
New Study: Two-Thirds of Voters Fail to Notice Vote-Flipping on Touch-Screen DRE Voting Systems

If Voters Don’t Notice Incorrect Votes on The Review Screen in Front of Their Face, Why Would They Notice it on a So-Called ‘Paper Trail’ Printed Afterward?
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
A new study supports the contentions of Election Integrity advocates who oppose Rush Holt’s election reform bill (HR 811) on the basis that it allows for the use of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) touch-screen voting systems. In her recently released doctoral thesis, “The Usability of Electronic Voting Machines and How Votes Can Be Changed Without Detection”, Rice University researcher and Doctoral candidate Sarah P. Everett reveals that only 37% of the participants noticed that vote flipping had occurred on their review screens during mock election testing.
And yet Holt supporters think voters will notice such “errors” on a paper trail printed after the review screen?…

  1. Frez

    June 17, 2007 at 2:04 am

    This is a colorful interpretation of the results of this study. However, I respectfully note two aspects of this interpretation (If 2/3 don’t notice a DRE flip, why would voters notice with a paper trail??) weak.

    The most compelling is this: even if it were only 37% who notice that votes are not recorded properly, isn’t it a huge advantage that this portion of the population will have printed proof, and statistics that are now irrefutable (because those 37% will have hit the “Cancel” button) can be gathered on voting machines that flip votes?

    I’d love a paper-only system (I worked with Ellen Thiessen early on to develop her “Vote-PAD” paper voting system for blind and disabled voters), but without HR-811’s printed records, we’ll be nowhere politically with paper-only voting, and still no paper trail with which to audit those lyin’ invisble electrons…

    In real world political reality, HR-811 is the best thing a paper-only purist could hope for.

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