What if those were live rounds in Los Angeles?

Would the US press have covered it? Interesting to note that, on the day after the LA police attack, the Kent State shootings got some press, concerning the discovery of an ancient sound recording of that horror, demonstrating that the Guardsmen there did not just panic but were firing under orders.

That’s a major story. You could think the press would run the two together…
A friend writes about the silence re: LAPD’s assault.

Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: [MCM] Was this reported anywhere outside LA?

Everyone I have spoken to outside the State has not heard of this. I suspect it has been telecast in Spanish-language media since the reporters for Telemundo were injured. Elderly, people with babies in their arms, in strollers, and children – generally people enjoying McArthur Park were shot at and hit randomly. As a Hispanic what I am deeply sad about is that some of the officers were Latino and i cannot understand how they could do this to their own people.

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