My rejected letter to The New York Times

Friends, check this out–not just my letter but this excellent site, which was recently begun by media scholar Stuart Ewen:

If you should write a letter to the press, and the press rejects it, consider sending it to RLTE.

(As they ought to have “elections” as a separate category, and will do so if they get enough material, please be especially inclined to send them letters on that subject. Also, see Paul Lehto’s excellent letter in the previous issue, No. 2.)


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FYI, John Kerry used robocalls in the last presedential election. I received at least 2 of them at my home.

This is not about the robocall per se. It’s about the bogus robocall that is intended to piss people off, so that they won’t vote for the candidate named in the call. It doesn’t really come from him or her, but from the other side.

So if the robocall from Kerry really came from his campaign, and if you got it only a few times, it’s not the kind of tactic we’re discussing.

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